Melmoth - Gateway to the Zulu Kingdom

In 1887 when the British government annexed Zululand they established several magisterial districts. One district was Mthonjaneni, and the centre of the district was what today is known as Melmoth, named after Sir Melmoth Osborn, the first British Chief Native Commissioner for Zululand. Melmoth was essentially a `gold rush town`. At the turn of the [...]

Fire Fighting in Melmoth 2013

Route66 development!


Local tourism will get an exciting boost with the development of the Zululand Heritage Route 66. The route will cover the area between Pongola, Nongoma, Ulundi, Melmoth, Eshowe and Gingindlovu. There will be seven entrance routes for tourists with the R66 being the central spine of the development.The area is home to [...]